Project description:

Although sedentary habits and customs have grown in recent years, sport and physical activity must be a fundamental part of everyday life of each person to maintain his/her comprehensive health. Furthermore they teach us values, behaviours and conducts that shape us as people and professionals, being sport a real school of life.

Thanks to the co-funding of Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, organizations of six different countries (Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain and Turkey) we are carrying out a 12-months Project called “Sport for Life”.

The main aims of the project are:

-To improve key competencies of workers, educators, instructors and other professionals in the field of sport;

-To promote a better quality of youth work and its ability in response to diversity;

-To exchange experiences, good practices and methodologies among organisations and professional of six countries;

-To design activities where sport is a tool for inclusion, participation, equality, peaceful coexistence and social transformation;

-To create new tools to work cross-curricular subjects through sport.

To achieve these objectives, we have designed different activities and we can divide the Project in different phases:

Local Activities I: analysis about local situation in the field of sport, identification of good practices and stakeholders and definition of priority profiles and learning needs.

Seminar in Málaga, (Spain): 7 days working about cross-curricular subjects in the sport field, exchanging good practices and creating new tools and learning games.

Local Activities II: free workshops and outdoor event to put into practice the new competences and raise awareness of local population about sport as a school of life.

Visibility events: conference in each country to make the project public and presenting its outcomes and outputs.

Multiplier event in Málaga (Spain): presentation of the project, activities, outputs and outcomes, and visibility activities with local population.

The project is framed within the non-formal education, for this reason the content will be worked on a dynamic and enjoyable way, it’s a “learning by doing”, focused on the active participation of all actors.

Training and improving competences of workers that use sport as a educational tool, we want to making young people more engaged, responsible and healthy, and thus making a more fair, supportive and tolerant society.