We Finalized SXL Project!

We can divide results according to the definitions of outputs (tangible products) and outcomes (intangible added value).


-eBook (booklet): click to see the eBook in 7 different languages:

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-Video: Click for the final video of the project. 

-Project Visual Resources: Click for media page. 


-Participants and organizations from different European countries have exchanged their ideas, methodologies and good practices during the whole project, related to the sport field. Different activities have been implemented at local level, using exchanged tools from other partner countries, adapted to each context and put into practice.

-Participants have gained a lot of experience and acquired many competences that can use in their daily work. People with small knowledge about pedagogy before the project, now they can use methodological sheet, plan their class, create new tools and activities and they can train other people using sport as a tool for cross-curricular subjects.

-Participants, organizations and other local sports clubs of each area increased their awareness about the importance of their job as educators for children and young people about different topics, such as inclusion and social transformation, gender equality, peace culture and cultural diversity.

-A new informal network of organizations using sport as a socio-educational tool has been established and more organizations expressed their interest in being part of it.

-Better understanding of the situation of sport in other countries, needs of the professionals in the field of sport, as well as challenges and difficulties they are facing.

-Visibility events and sports activities used for making project visible and express how sport can be used for development, value education and socio-educational tool for children and young people, especially those with fewer opportunities.

-Sport teachers, educators, trainers, etc. are more aware of being a reference for other children and young people and that they can use sport for making possible the construction of a better society.

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